Functions of Chief Officer

Functions of Municipal Corporation under Punjab Local Government Act 2013

90. Chief Officer
(1) The Chief Officer shall be responsible for:

  • (a) coordination;
  • (b) internal audit;
  • (c) human resource management;
  • (d) public relations;
  • (e) legal affairs; and
  • (f) emergency services.

(2) The Chief Officer, in carrying out his functions, shall:

  • (a) supervise and coordinate all offices responsible for the provision of municipal services;
  • (b) prepare a report on the planning and implementation of development plans of the local government for presentation to the house of the local government in its annual budget session;
  • (c) ensure that the business of the local government is carried out in accordance with law;
  • (d) ensure implementation of environmental and social safeguards;
  • (e) effect procurements, as prescribed, in accordance with law; and
  • (f) take action against violators of this Act, rules or bye-laws.

91. Municipal offices
The Government may, in the prescribed manner, issue a schedule of establishment for the Metropolitan Corporation and a Municipal Corporation and such schedule may include planning, finance, municipal regulation and municipal infrastructure offices.