1. Chief Officer

Chief Officer, MCL (Contact No. 042-99211258)-- Coordination and supervision of all Municipal Offices Human Resource Management and general administration Internal Audit Public Relations Legal Affairs Ensure implementation of environmental and social safeguards. Procurements Contract management Take action against violators of the Act, Rules or Byelaws Assist the relevant authorities in provision of relief in the event of any fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural calamity with the support of Municipal Offices Organize sports including sports for persons with disability and celebration of national occasions and Any other function assigned by the government

2. Finance

Finance Department (Contact No. 042-99211265) Prepare annual and revised budget. Management and control of Local Fund. Maintenance of Departmental Accounts. Reconcile monthly and annual accounts of receipts and expenditures. Display the reconciled accounts of receipts and expenditures at a conspicuous place for information of general public. Liaison with audit authorities and preparation of annotation of audit paras. Place the reconciled annual accounts of receipts and expenditures with audit and public comments before the House of local government. Propose taxes, fees, rates, tolls, charges etc. Recovery of approved taxes, fees, rates, tolls, charges etc. Computerized Financial Management. Enforce all Municipal Laws, Rules and Bye-Laws relating to the allocated function; and Any other function assigned under Law, Rules and by the Government.

3. Services

Services Department (Contact No. 042-99211313) is responsible for Sanitation and solid waste collection and sanitary disposal of solid, liquid, industrial and hospital wastes, treatment and disposal including landfill site and recycling plants. Management of passenger and transport freight and transit stations Firefighting. Safety on children's play areas and prevention of accidents. Management of graveyards. Management of public open spaces, public gardens, playgrounds and arboriculture other than provided and maintain by Parks and Horticulture Authority. Regulate and maintain parking places. Management of slaughter houses. Conserve historical and cultural assets. Management of libraries and reading rooms. Enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws relating to the allocated functions and Any other function assigned under Law, Rules and by the Government.

4. Planning

Planning Department (Contact No. 042-99212814) is responsible for Spatial Planning, Master Planning, Zoning, Land use planning, including classification and reclassification of land, urban design, urban renewal and ecological balances. Exercise control over land-use, land-subdivision, land development, site development scheme and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose. Regulate and control erection and re-erection of buildings. Adopt measures against dangerous building. GIS based municipal service map. Prepare and implement schemes for protection of environment. Enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws relating to the allocated functions; and Any other function assigned under Law, Rules by the Government.

5. Infrastructure

Infrastructure Department (Contact No. 042-99211277) is responsible for Approving Proposals for public Transport and Mass Transit System, Construction of Express Ways, Flyovers, Bridges, Roads Underpasses and Inter-Own streets. Approve Development Schemes for Beautification of Urban Areas Execute and Manage Development Plans. Provide, Manage, Operate, Maintain and Improve the Municipal Infrastructure and Services Includes. Roads & Streets. Street Lights. Firefighting (1122 & MCL) Collaboration. Parks, Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Graveyards and Arboriculture (Other than PHA). Slaughter Houses. Conserve Historical and Cultural assets . Undertake landscape, monuments and municipal ornamentation. Develop and Manage schemes including site development.

6. Regulations

Regulations Department (Contact No. 042-99212597-99212605) is responsible for Prevention and removal of encroachments Regulate dangerous and offensive articles and trades provided in Second Schedule of the Act Regulate markets and services and issue licenses, permits, grant permissions and impose penalties for violation thereof as and where applicable Organize and regulate cultural & recreational events, fairs & shows Manage properties and assets of the local government Regulate keeping the animals and measures for eradication of stray dogs Regulate affixing of sign-boards and advertisements except where this function is being performed by the parks and horticulture authority Enforce all municipal laws, rules and bye-laws relating to the allocated functions Recovery of rent and Any other function assigned under Law, Rules and by the Government.