Functions of Mayor

Functions of Municipal Corporation under Punjab Local Government Act 2013

88. Structure
(1) A Mayor shall be the executive head of the Metropolitan or Municipal Corporation.

(2) The Deputy Mayor, who is senior in age, shall perform the functions of the Mayor when the Mayor is unable to perform his functions on account of absence or for any other reason. (Substituted vide the Punjab Local Government (First Amendment) Act 2016 (VII of 2016) dated 06-02-2016).

(3) The Chief Officer shall coordinate and facilitate the performance of functions assigned to the Metropolitan Corporation and Municipal Corporation under the supervision of the Mayor.

89. Mayor
(1) The Mayor shall:

  • (a) Provide vision for long term development, leadership and direction for efficient functioning of the Metropolitan Corporation or the Municipal Corporation in consultation and coordination with Cantonment Board, housing authorities and Federal agencies;
  • (b) Identify the needs of the urban area and evaluate and priorities them in the light of integrated development plans and the estimates of revenue and expenditure, in addition to any applicable national and provincial policies, programs and projects;
  • (c) Recommend to the Metropolitan Corporation or the Municipal Corporation, the strategies, programs and services to address prioritized needs;
  • (d) recommend or determine the best way to implement those strategies, programs and services through partnerships, delegations, contracts and other means for the maximum benefit of the community;
  • (e) Maintain administrative and financial discipline of the local government;
  • (f) Present tax proposals to the local government;
  • (g) Issue executive orders to the municipal offices for discharge of the functions of the local government;
  • (h) Represent the local government on public and ceremonial occasions;
  • (i) Present proposal to the local government for approval of budget; and
  • (j) Conduct inspections of municipal offices functioning under the local government.

(2) The Mayor shall, in the performance of duties:

  • (a) Identify and develop criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of the strategies, programs and services can be evaluated, including key performance indicators;
  • (b) Evaluate progress against the key performance indicators;
  • (c) Review the performance of the local government in order to improve:
    • (i) Economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
    • (ii) Efficiency of revenue collection services; and
    • (iii) Implementation of the bye-laws;
  • (d) Oversee formulation and execution of the annual development plans, delivery of services and functioning of the local government;
  • (e) Present report on the performance of the local government to the house of the local government at least twice a year; and
  • (f) Perform such other duties and exercise such powers as may be prescribed or as the local government may delegate.